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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a gi in order to try a class for the first time?

Nope! If you do not have a gi, you are welcome to train in shorts and a t-shirt until your gi arrives! You can get 10% off an Origin USA gi using code ZCOPE101, but you are welcome to choose any brand, any color. 

Do I need a mouthguard and/or wrestling shoes?

No. Unless you want to wear them. Tradition is to be barefoot in BJJ, and your teeth are your own responsibility.

Are beginners welcome in class?

Absolutely. Beginners can be confident that their safety is a top consideration. Beginners do not roll (spar) at the end of class for the first couple weeks, but they are encouraged to remain and observe.

Do newcomers spar in the first class?

No. First-timers are welcomed to observe the sparring portion from the side. After a couple classes you are invited to join in!

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